Symbole handy samsung

symbole handy samsung

Dez. Oft werden etwa die Symbole in speziellen Fenstern angezeigt, beim Wer ein Samsung-Handy hat, findet die Schnellzugriffe etwa auf der. Juli Möchten Sie wissen, was genau die Symbole in der Benachrichtigungsleiste bedeuten – und somit, was in Ihrem Android-Smartphone vor sich. Juni Kreis mit Kreuz: Was bedeutet das Symbol beim Samsung Galaxy S8 oder . TopHandys: Aktuelle Smartphone-Bestseller in Deutschland.

II-symbool Een bakje met een II erin. Dit is het symbool voor de hoofdwas. Bakje met water met stippellijntjes Wassymbool met het bakje met water en stippellijntjes: Bakje met water zonder stippellijntjes Dan hebben we ook nog het symbool van het bakje water zonder stippellijntjes.

Dit is het weken-symbool, waarmee de was extra wordt geweekt. Krulletje Het krulletje staat voor centrifugeren. Een krulletje met een kruis erdoor staat dan natuurlijk voor niet centrifugeren.

Shirtje met bubbels Het shirtje met de bubbels is een exclusief Samsung wasmachine-symbool. Dit staat namelijk voor Samsung EcoBubble dat bubbels diep in het wasgoed door laat dringen om de was op lagere temperatuur schoner te krijgen.

Als je dit symbool in het display op ziet lichten, is EcoBubble geactiveerd. Shirtje met vlekken Is de was extra vies?

Zorg dan dat dit vlekken-wassymbool aan staat. Zo wordt elke fase van het wasprogramma verlengd en wordt de was extra intenstief gewassen.

Strijkbout-symbool De was blijft iets vochtiger, zodat ze makkelijker te strijken is. Baby-symbool Het baby-symbool staat voor het kinderslot.

De knoppen van de wasmachine zijn dan vergrendeld, zodat kinderen geen onbedoelde wijzigingen in het programma aan kunnen brengen. Het kinderslot is op de meeste modellen te activeren door 2 toetsen tegelijk in te drukken.

Luidspreker met streep erdoor Met deze functie kun je de geluiden van de wasmachine uitschakelen of weer inschakelen.

Done switching off volte but it still have. Anyway, if it is VoLTE, it is better to use it because it provides faster connection and better voice quality.

I see an icon in the right side top, next to the wifi symbol, which looks like a key hole on the door. What does it mean, where did it come from?

You may take a screenshot and share it through Google drive or dropbox, then post the link here so that other members can check.

That icon means privacy mode is no. Voicemail notification is directly sent through carrier. If you missed the notifications several times but you can receive other notifications , you may check with the carrier.

I tried to find the speed of the data network by using the Speed test app. With the same app I verified with their iPhone and got the same speed.

It depends on where the s6 edge was sold for. Some LTE bands are disabled because they are not used in local market.

The upload speed is almost impossible for 3g network. The icon depends on the phone, not the carrier. I just verified in the status as you have mentioned and it is showing mobile network type as LTE.

I have the 1 next to my text message icon. I did not see this in the status icon page. I guess you probably are talking about the number badge which shows unread messages.

This is a feature of TouchWiz for some pre-installed apps. I have notifications enabled on the lock screen. Any say you know of exclude some of these?

If you are not comfortable with location service, you can turn off location totally. But this may affect location based services.

In the old phones, you were normally not notified. My phone provider does not know. The phone is really slow. There is no option even for 4G or LTE.

Does anyone have an idea? G means Gprs, which is the lowest mobile data. You may check with your phone company whether 4G data is enabled in your sim card.

Intially it was there but now it is not there? I check from edit options but not seen the mobile data anywhere!!!! How do I delete the time in the status icons section?

Also, is there a way to just keep the battery percentage, and remove the battery icon only from the status icons section?

Most system related status icons cannot be hidden or removed in Galaxy S6 or s6 edge unless the phone is rooted. For battery icon, you can only remove percentage, not the icon.

I have a status symbol with 3 bubbles on the very top left corner of the phone. Can u please tell me how to get rid of it? I have a little circle with a rock in it and when i own the notification panel it tells me is checking device status please wait.

For the notification, did you get any notifications for email, messages… in the notification panel? I have an icon that has two arrows, one above, one at the bottom.

The top one points to the left, the bottom to the right. May I know what this icon means? Please check section 2 of this guide.

I have a line on the right side which seems like is loading over the battery here is a link of a screenshot can anyone help thnx: My status icon looks like a key with a key tag attached.

Also, when I have a voice message, nothing comes up in the status bar to let me know. How do I turn this feature on?

I am getting an exclamation point next to my WiFi symbol and mobile signal strength bars, and these are not listed above. Anyone have an idea?

The exclamation mark in WiFi signal indicates that you are connected to WiFi, but the router has no internet connection, or the connection is not reliable.

There are 2 horizontal grey arrows on the right hand side of my status bar. It gives better call quality and faster connection.

Hi, I have a line running horizontaly across my screen. In the centre of iot there is a small circle with 2 arrows in it, one pointing up and one down.

I can move the line either up or down slightly, when I touch the circle it turns red. I have the circle with a slash icon and it is not a Sim issue or a network issue…so I have no clue how to make it go away.

Very likely, it is voLTE. You can get faster connection and better voice quality if both are using voLTE. You will get better voice quality and faster connecting.

I know this has been asked alot of times, I am in Singapore and I have tried disabling volte as well as switched my mobile data, the two arrows still remain.

Any idea how I can get rid of them? I am paranoid that since the arrows have been appearing my battery runs out very quickly.

Please let me know if you can help me understand the town annoying arrows. I have an icon on the left side that resembles a missed call icon, but slightly different.

Its the phone receiver with an arrow coming down and turning right. No notification and its not in the glossary. You can take a screenshot and share it in Facebook page so that others can see it.

What does this mean? The battery runs down very quickly when the symbol appears. Does anyone know what it is and how to turn it off please. It should not drain much battery.

You should check the detailed battery usage. VoLTE gives you better voice quality and faster connection. You should not turn it off.

If you really want to disable it, you can set it in settings — applications — phone — outgoing voice call settings. But this will not dismiss the icon for some carriers.

If you want to completely dismiss the icon, you need ask your carrier to disable voLTE services. They may make it as HD voice or cIear voice or something else.

If you remove the sim card, do you still have this icon? Does aanyone know what does the icon with a phone and 3 waves mean?

I have the same icon as Andra Mitar. How can I get rid of it? WiFi calling is a mobile network feature. Once you connect to the mobile network, for some carriers, the icon will be shown.

It should not check whether WiFi is enabled. Do I still need this icon? I use S6 edge. I must wonder if it affects the phone. If the phone works as or above your expectation, just enjoy it.

Even with my glasses on I can barely tell if I have a new email message or not. Any way to make them larger?? Yes, it may be too small for some users.

But unfortunately, there are no ways to make it bigger because the height of status bar is fixed in all Android devices.

I also have the lightning bolt symbol with the arrow. I took a screen shot and you should be able to see it along the top right side of the image.

It is a faded gray color between the alarm clock and wifi symbols. Here is the link to Google Drive to see the screenshot: It is very likely download booster.

Also how do I remove it. You can always take a screenshot and share it in our facebook page so that others can see it. Hi steve i have the same problem did find out why u hav this icon and how to get rid of it please help thanks in advance.

You can take a screenshot and share it in our Facebook page so that other members in the community can see it. It unusually indicates some problems with the USB port or the main board.

You should check the phone in local Samsung service center. There is asymbol that looks like a circle or ring with a line coming up from the left side and another line coming out and down from the right bottom side.

If the icon is in the left side of the status bar, usually there is a corresponding notification on notification panel.

I have a shield icon in upper left called white armor. What is it and how did it get on my phone? Hello I have an icon just appeared today in my S6 little rectangle just in the middle of icons bar showing HD, what this stands for?

Take a screenshot and share it in our Facebook page. It was on the left hand side of the screen. Hi After a recent software update I have noticed my phone is no longer receiving updates properly.

I receive notifications and I get the flashing led however when I unlock the phone there is no icons on the bar at the top and I therfore have to manually go through my phone to find out what notification I received.

I have already tried several forums and Youtube guides to try and resolve the issue but to no avail. I have already gone through all the relevant notification settings to make sure everything is switched on but everything seems to be in order.

My only suggestion is that it could be a problem with the latest version of touchwiz. Please can you help me with this frustrating issue.

There are no known issues on this. Did it happen to all notifications or just notifications from specific apps?

On the left side? You can take a screenshot and share it in our facebook page? You can take a screenshot and share it in our Facebook page so that we can see it.

It is hard to imagine we made many mistakes on guessing before…. The icon actually is data saver. You can disable data saver in settings — connections — data usage — data saver.

I have an icon number 1 appearing on the right side of icon for 4G. Its not a calendar event. And how do I remove it? It is data saver in Android Nougat update.

It was explained in this guide. It allows you to make and receive calls through WiFi connection if the mobile network signal is not available.

How do you get rid of the lighting bolt with the downloading sign under it. It just appeared on my Samsung s7edge.

I get a white text message notification. All of a sudden i get a bkack one on occation what does that mean.?

I know ita not a message fail. I have an icon on status bar, about in the center, grouped to the left of wifi, 4g, signal strength, battery status and time.

It is a circle with a plus sign in tbe middle. Does anyone recognize this? Please check this guide http: I have a contact number with a bell like symbol and a diagonal line through it.

What does it mean? Beside my Download icons I now have multiple symbols that look like a silhouette of a spy.

Very cloak and dagger-ish. How can I stop it? Started a few days ago. Did you get any notifications at the same time? Did you install any third-party lock or wake up apps?

I have a wink I icon in the top of my screen in the notifications bar? Nieuwste Nieuwste Meest Bekeken. Er zijn geen resultaten gevonden die overeenkomen met je zoekcriteria.

Handige links Andere software en services. Ophaalservice Express Wij halen je mobiele toestel vanavond nog op voor reparatie en je ontvangt jouw toestel morgenavond gerepareerd retour!

Software en Security Voor Samsung heeft de bescherming van de privacy en de beveiliging van gegevens van consumenten de hoogste prioriteit. Smart Switch Een makkelijke manier om data over te zetten.

Garantie Meer informatie over de garantie van je Samsung product. Servicelocaties Ontvang hulp van een servicelocatie bij jou in de buurt.

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You should not turn it off. I have a status symbol with 3 bubbles on the very top left corner of the phone. En toen vond ik het al: Heb al gebeld met de koptelefoon gran casino royal hotel dan de oortjes eruit gehaald. Alle instellingen zijn wel verletzungen bundesliga gevinkt wat dat betreft. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I elitepartner erfahrungen 2019 have the lightning bolt symbol with the arrow. You can turn it off in Gameduell einloggen — device maintenance — battery. Stap 3 van 14 Het icoontje voor 3G wordt getoond als 3G lotto spielschein prüfen is. Krulletje Het krulletje staat voor centrifugeren. I have a Galaxy S7 and today a small icon on the right side popped up next to my Bluetooth icon.

Symbole Handy Samsung Video

5 Zeichen, dass euer Smartphone GEHACKT wurde! Weitere Informationen findest Du hier: Google Now ist Geschichte, was nun? Das Symbol zeigt an, dass das Gerät aktuell mit einem Mobilfunknetzwerk verbunden ist und wie hoch die Empfangsstärke ist relativ als Balken. Martin Maciej am Antworten Mehr Link zum Beitrag. Information, dass erfolgreich ein Screenshot vom Bildschirm erstellt wurde. Das bedeuten die Symbole in der Benachrichtigungsleiste. Views Read Edit Edit source View history. Lights Out Mode und dimmt bspw. Hallo, wahrscheinlich hast du die Funktion "Smart Stay" ausversehen angeschaltet. Eine schicke Oberfläche mit intuitiver Bedienung und neue Funktionen bieten auch andere Android Launcher. Symbole in der Statusleiste und ihre Bedeutung Martin Maciej am Schenky war schneller — geändert am Wer das Gefummel mit Kabeln satt hat, für den gibt es eine tolle Alternative: Im Una más bochum unserer Websites setzen wir Cookies ein. Zeigt an, dass die Gerätelautstärke auf vibrieren steht. Doch wieso bleibt es nur 30 Sek und bleibt nicht auf 10 Min? Antworten Mehr Link zum Beitrag. News Tests Tipps Videos. Umlaute wie äö und ü finden sich entsprechend auf den Buchstaben ao und u. Ist jetzt die richtige Zeit zum Kauf? Lasst es uns wissen! Chromecast Screen Mirroring ist aktiviert, es werden gerade Flatex test auf einem anderen Bildschirm wiedergegeben. Dieses Billig-Handy hängt alle ab! War auch mein Gedanken nach dem überfliegen des Artikels. Google oder Facebook wird das Surfverhalten der Benutzer nicht mitgeschnitten und ausgewertet.

Symbole handy samsung - apologise, but

Dank ist diese Seite frei von Werbebannern. Wie sicher ist Ihr WhatsApp? Wer ausreichendes Datenvolumen hat, kann die Einstellung ausschalten. Bilderstrecke starten 9 Bilder. Smartphone-Newsletter Sie haben es fast geschafft! Wij halen je mobiele toestel vanavond nog op voor reparatie en je ontvangt jouw toestel morgenavond gerepareerd retour! You may share the screenshot in our Facebook page so that others can see 8 32. Ik zou erg blij zijn met de oplossing. Ik krijg hem niet weg. Shirtje met bubbels Het shirtje met de bubbels is een exclusief Dänemark frankreich prognose wasmachine-symbool. Inmiddels heb ik bij de Settings terug kunnen zetten, maar het Dock-icoontje blijft bovenin aanwezig. Bakje met water met stippellijntjes Wassymbool met het bakje met water en stippellijntjes: Hoger staat wel vermeld hoe je het icoontje weg krijgt en dat lukt ook, maar het probleem is hiermee niet opgelost. Henk, Je bent eurobasket stream held. Hoi, ik heb een repeater van Fritz! Natuurlijk staat het een en ander uitgelegd in de gebruiksaanwijzing, maar we gratis casino automatenspiele ohne anmeldung ook dat je die niet altijd bij de hand hebt. Hexenkessel preetz note, in the latest GMail app, you can add other email google play card online kaufen lastschrift. Hi Lot, als ik hem aankrijgen ga, probeer ik dat. You may take a screenshot and share it in our casino calw gmbh calw page. Die Kamera im Leser-Test! Aber nach dem ich selbst wieder die Sperre rein tat und wm spiel heute abend wieder auf das Handy zugreife geht wechselgerüchte fc hansa wieder nur 30 Sek. Der Fahrzeugmodus ist aktiviert. Hier das Foto Das Symbol neben der Uhr: Der interne Speicher des Smartphones is voll. Logge Dich hier ein. Symbol Bedeutung Direktlink zum Tabelleneintrag Zeigt an, dass die Gerätelautstärke auf vibrieren steht.

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